Royal Facials

Signature Treatments

Revitalize your skin and reconnect with yourself by experiencing ASANA's selection of Signature Organic Facials and unique Royal Treatments. Each treatment is custom crafted, comprised entirely of organic fruit, vegetable, and botanical ingredients, and includes a complementary skin analyses, professional exfoliation, extraction, along with an incredibly soothing facial massage. Find serenity and balance with one of our skilled practitioners as they customize the perfect treament for you!

Royal Siam Indulgence

120 min, $190

Dive into a sea of exotic flavors and aromas while experiencing the ancient healing modalities of Thailand. Close your eyes and take in the delicate aroma and taste of Bael fruit tea as you indulge in an aromatic foot soak and scrub. This unique 90 minute treatment combines the benefits of Asana’s Thai Herbal Awakening Facial with traditional Thai foot reflexology, lastly not forgetting about your hands with our signature Youthful Palms treatment. Designed for all skin types, this nourishing and therapeutic treatment is a full body experience. Take this journey to ultimate calm and wellbeing.


Sauna 30 mins

Thai Herbal Awakening Facial

Oriental Foot Treatment

Youthful Palms Hand Treatment

Heavenly Headspace Scalp Treatment

Luscious Lips Treatment

Revived Eyes treatment

Royal Cacao Ceremony

120 min, $175

Elevate your spirit, feed your soul and feel like royalty with a luxurious and immune boosting chocolaty treatment. Your journey begins with an uplifting and soothing cup of organic sipping chocolate infused with 35 medicinal mushrooms. Experience the benefits of this nutrient rich cacao and immune boosting mushroom blend as every grounding sip calms your body and clarifies your mind. Delve deeper into this experience and soak up the combined benefits of our vitamin rich chocolate tamarind facial, heavenly headspace scalp treatment, alongside our majestic gua sha lymphatic therapy for further immune support. 


Sauna 30 mins

Aruna Chocolates Mushroom Immunity Sipping chocolate

Heavenly Headspace Scalp Treatment

Chocolate Tamarind Facial

Majestic Gua Sha Lymphatic Therapy

Luscious Lips Treatment

Revived Eyes treatment

Royal CBD Dream

120 min, $175

Sooth your mind and nourish your whole being with a CBD ritual so exquisite it feels like your in a dream. This treatment begins with a 30 minute sauna to wind down and calm your nervous system. Cool off with a chamomile & honey CBD beverage and slip further into relaxation with ASANA's Signature facial featuring our Heavenly Head Space Scalp Treatment, Reviving eye treatment, a healing facial massage, as well as a healing and restoring hand, arm, and foot massage using Remedies by Hemp signature Arthritis, Pain, and Inflammation Lotion. We also include a 50 mg CBD bath bomb for you to continue your spa day at home!


Sauna 30 mins

Signature CBD Facial

Heavenly Headspace Scalp Treatment

Remedies by Hemp CBD products

Revived Eyes treatment

  CBD Hand, Arm, Foot Massage

Green Tea & Honey CBD beverage

Take Home CBD bath bomb

Canva - Young woman in a spa with algae

ASANA Signature Facial

75 min, $120

Deeply nourish and revive your skin with a luxurious customized plant powered facial. Antioxidant rich ingredients are carefully selected to effectively target individual beauty concerns including premature aging, sun damage, rosacea, hormonal breakouts, and etc. If you are new to facials, unsure of what to choose, or just want to have glowing skin this is the perfect treatment for you!

Anti-aging Peel & LED Treatment

90 min, $170

Significantly increase firmness and elasticity and bring your skin back to life! This premium facial features LED light therapy and advanced plant and algae actives to boost the production of high quality collagen and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A layered stimulating blend of natural alpha hydroxyl acids derived from Sugar Maple, Sugar Cane, Bilberry, Lemon, & Lime unveil a naturally brighter and firmer complexion while botanical hyaluronic acid leaves your skin feeling firm and deeply hydrated!

Canva - Woman with Cosmetic Face Mask in

Chocolate Rose Champagne Facial

60 min, $135

Do you love the finer things in life i.e. chocolate, roses, champagne, and facials? Then this luxurious chocolate tamarind treatment will give you everything you crave and more! Antioxidant rich papaya, tamarind, and chocolate take you on a journey of the senses while also containing natural AHA’s improving the texture and tone of the skin. Reboot your skins natural renewal process, unclog and refine pores, stimulate collagen production with plant peptides, and enjoy a glass of champagne on us. Cheers!

Thai Herbal Awakening

60 min, $130

Stimulate your senses and revitalize your skin with a healing and detoxifying Thai herbal facial. Nourishing Thai oils soothe and warm achy shoulders, neck, arms and hands while the clarifying aromas of  mint and lemongrass deeply cleanse the soul.  As natural alpha hydroxy acids exfoliate and refine the epidermis a signature heated paprika treatment is preformed followed by a face lifting massage and a herbal brightening treatment restoring radiance, vitality, and strength to the skin.

Advanced Gly-Bright Peel

60 min, $130

Firm, brighten, and revive your skin with an advanced collagen boosting treatment specifically designed for aging, discoloration, and dullness. An active glycolic acid peel combined with bromelain enzymes deeply exfoliate and refine while encapsulated vitamin C promotes an even skin tone. This corrective treatment will leave you feeling more vibrant than ever!

Vitamin C Brightening Peel

60 min, $130

Lighten hyper pigmentation and brighten your skin with a collagen boosting treatment specifically designed for age spots, discoloration, and dullness. Reverse the damaging effects of the summer sun as active bromelain enzymes and natural occurring AHA’s dissolve dead skin cells while turmeric and vitamin C promote an even skin tone. This luxurious treatment replenishes your skin with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid and soothes your senses with bright and uplifting citrus scents paired with luxurious neroli notes, you can’t help feeling more vibrant than ever.  

Soothing Renewal

60 min, $100

Recover healthy skin with an anti-inflammatory, hydrating, and vitamin rich facial. Let botanical rosehip extracts feed the skin with vitamins as lavender and ichthammol tone and reduce inflammation. After a gentle exfoliation a luxurious cooling and calming rose quartzstone massage is preformed with nourishing and nutrient dense rosehip and seabuckthorn oil. This calming facial will provide relief and replenish even the most aggravated and inflamed skin.

Paradise in Bali

60 min, $125

Craving a little excursion from day to day life? Let the smells of lemongrass, mango, saponaria, and apricot take you away! This vitamin rich facial combines the benefits of nutrient dense fruits with a proprietary blend of actives including exfoliating lactic acid, vitamin c, beta carotenes, and deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid. You will leave feeling and smelling like you just got back from a tropical paradise!

rolller 3.jpg
Canva - Assortment of Exotic Fruits  .jp
Herbs and Spices
Canva - Aloe Vera, fresh lemon and honey
Canva - High Frequency treatment.jpg

Hydrating Aloe Vera Facial

60 min, $95

An ultra quenching facial for all skin types especially dehydrated sensitive skin! Natural papaya enzymes remove build up and improve skin texture while aloe, lavender, and colloidal silver soothes and hydrate irritated and dry skin. The skin is replenished with botanical hyaluronic acid and repaired with soothing oils as a firming hungarian facial massage is preformed. This nourishing treatment will leave you feeling repaired and refreshed!


Acne Facial

60 min, $95

a clarifying facial for oily and combination skin types prone to breakouts. The combined powers of Sulphur, Ichthammol, and active probiotics balance the skin while regulating sebum production and accelerating the removal of dead skin cells. Finished with a blemish-busting high frequency treatment, this facial will leave you feeling confident to take on what ever life throws at you!


Acne Pro Peel & LED

60 min, $135

This unique Acne service combines the benefits of pharmaceutical grade salicylic and glycolic acid along with blue LED light therapy to help treat moderate to severe acne. This advanced treatment targets pore congestion and the build up of dead skin cells while reducing inflammation and killing bacteria and lightening post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. Best results are seen when done in a series of 4 and paired with an at home treatment system.

Acne Pro Peel & LED Series

590 ($80 savings + Product!)

A solution for those seeking an effective treatment for moderate to advanced acne. Have everything you need to address acne with this price saving bundle. This exclusive package includes 4 professional acne advanced medical peels along with a 3 month supply of take home product.