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Eco-Peptide Therapy™ LED Facial

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60 min, $140

Experience ultimate luxury & hydration while restoring collagen production with our new Eco-Peptide Therapy™️ Facial & LED! Using two types of peptides, the Eco-Peptide Therapy™️ collection teaches the body to restore collagen production, providing smoother, stronger skin. A Lactic acid pro peel dissolves dead skin cells preparing the skin for extractions & allowing for the absorption of key antioxidant ingredients: Ginko, Aloe, Hyaluronic Acid & Peptides. A cooling rose quartz massage is preformed after the peel to push nutrients into the skin & assist with lymphatic drainage followed by Red Light LED Therapy to further stimulate collagen production.


Pea Peptide: Unique and rich in Lysine, an amino acid used in the biosynthesis of proteins. Helps to lock in moisture and repair damaged skin cells.

Hexapeptide-11: Helps to recreate many amino acids found in genes within the human body, allowing it to manipulate collagen levels and boost elasticity in the skin

Soothing Herbs Hydrojelly Facial


60 min, $120

This Soothing & herbaceous facial will calm your skin and all of your senses. Natural papaya enzymes improve skin texture while aloe, lavender, and colloidal silver soothe and hydrate irritated and dry skin. Our intensive aftercare mask made with pure algae & lavender powder provides full hydration and an instant cool and soothing effect. This treatment slowly solidifies creating a vacuum seal on your skin that pushes beneficial ingredients into the pores!

Pink Ribbon Facial


60 min, $130

We have partnered with CUT OUT CANCER to show you that by caring for yourself you can also care for others.

Soothe your senses, reduce redness, & deeply nourish and hydrate the skin with our pink ribbon facial great for all skin types!

25% of proceeds from this treatment will be donated to cut out cancer in honor of breast cancer awareness month!

Let the delicate smell of roses tickle your senses as our cooling rose eye treatment soothes and depuffs. After a gentle exfoliation & extraction, a luxurious rose quartz massage will be preformed over a nourishing infusion of hyaluronic acid, arnica oil, and rose petals.

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10% OFF Hylunia Body Care & Oils

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Healing & Resoring Cream – the eternal favorite of Hylunia customers. It is gentle, powerful, safe, extremely versatile and highly effective. 
Dermatologically formulated as a therapeutic super-moisturizing treatment for dry skin, this cream is highly recommended by professionals for healing and restoring skin suffering from awide range of conditions including eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, bed sores, burns, post chemotherapy or severe dryness.

Book A 90 minute
Bamboo Deep Tissue Fusion
& Recieve voucher for
A *FREE* Infrared Sauna Session

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90 min $160

This treatments starts with a relaxing combination of Swedish massage, heated bamboo tools, along with CBD & Thai oils to relax, warm, & soothe the muscles followed by 30 minutes of targeted deep tissue techniques to address muscle tension at the source of discomfort.

This therapeutic massage combines Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques with heated bamboo tools to target problem areas & relieve tension deeper than with hands alone. Therapeutic warmth & rolling movements activate the parasympathetic nervous system soothing the whole body and soul.

"Bamboo massage is a relaxing & restorative treatment that packs on a number of blissful benefits"


  • Soothes soreness & muscle tension at the source of discomfort

  • Relaxes, warms, & prepares muscles for a targeted & more effective deeper tissue massage.

  • Helps the body get into proper alignment & encourages flexibility by targeting pressure points and encouraging the muscle into its ideal position.·     

  • Increases Circulation, lymphatic drainage, & healing:

  • Brings oxygen rich blood to damaged muscles. Lymphatic drainage removes metabolic waste, detoxifying the tissues.