Mask On Menu

We are committed to your health and safety and  have provided a mask on menu for your comfort and pampering needs.


For more information on our safety guidelines

Brows & Lashes

- Eye brow Design

-Eye Brow Design & Henna tint

-Eye Lash Lift & Tint

-Eyelash Tint

Body Treatments

Awaken your senses and renew your soul with a treatment that encourages a healing response deep within your body’s system. Body treatments have a proven effect of promoting cell regeneration, increasing circulation, stimulating your lymphatic system, all while releasing serotonin to boost your sense of wellbeing.


Here at ASANA we believe the purer the wax, the better the results. That's why we use Beelicious Wax, a luxurious line of waxes and waxing products with high quality organic ingredients and NEVER any hazardous chemicals. Check out our wax menu for all available waxing services!

Back Facial

Our backs are one of the most hard to reach places in our daily routines. Let us give you a hand! This treatment helps nourish and soften the back area while treating congestion & breakouts. Includes a deep cleanse, professional exfoliation, extraction, blemish busting high frequency treatment, and treatment masque


To provide you with the best experience possible our sauna room is completely private and we provide all necessities including refreshments, towels, and wraps. We highly recommend adding a sauna session to any of our signature services! Just call ahead and reserve your private 30 minute session!

Low Contact LIGHTWAVE LED Light therapy

LIGHTWAVETM proprietary LED light Therapy session (Blue, Red, and/or IR Light) uses Light Emitting Diodes to distribute the specific wavelengths customized to target individual concerns with a wide range of benefitsincluding: promoting collagen production, antibacterial for acne prone skin, increasing circulation, while accelerating healing and reducing inflammation.

Spa Enhancements

Our spa enhancements are a perfect addition to any of our signature spa services or can be enjoyed by themselves or mix and matched! Indulge in a little slice of heaven.